Tools You Need For 2017 UTME – JAMB

Here is a compilation of the tools you will need at this time for your 2017 UTME. These tools may not be exhaustive enough, so feel free to also explore other academic options you have.


1. Latest JAMB Syllabus: This tool helps you determine if you have adequately covered all the topics and reading requirements for a particular subject. You can access it online or get it through the syllabus/brochure disc that was given to you when you registered.
2. JAMB CBT Practice App (For Mobile Phones): If you have not tried this app, then I don’t think you are ready for the exam. This practice app gives you real JAMB past questions and the real JAMB CBT environment. Using this app daily will help boost your morale and confidence for the actual exam.
3. JAMB CBT Practice Software (For Computer Systems): Although JAMB said they will no longer use mouse, knowing how to use a computer system (including the mouse) will greatly help you improve your confidence in any CBT test. The mouse function may also be used in the exam, so getting to know the full functions of the computer system will be an added advantage.

4. JAMB CBT Practice Free Online: Although having any of the above 2 options is the greatest asset you can give to yourself at this time, If you don’t have means of activating any of the above 2 options, then you can settle for the free option we have provided here, just go for an online CBT practice session. It equally gives you an advantage over those that don’t even bother practising past questions.

If you feel there are other tools that have not been covered in the above text, feel free to share your study tools that can help others.

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